About the Plant Doc

Multidisciplinary training is vital for effective collaboration and development of sustainable pest and disease management strategies. Matt is currently pursuing the DPM degree at the University of Florida, which aims to provide students with a diverse toolbox of diagnostic skills and demonstrated flexibility of plant health subjects.

Matt’s work experience has been in landscape and public garden IPM, orchard management, tree fruit pathology, and ornamental entomology research. Following graduation in 2020 he hopes to be involved with international IPM projects, especially in tropical tree fruit and crop management. He would also like to continue botanic garden plant health care, and to serve in pest management education.

What People Say

Matt is a gifted science communicator. Matt earned his degrees in the U.S., but lived in Cape Town, South Africa. He has a global perspective on issues surrounding food, public health, and environmental health… He is innovative, a careful thinker, curious, with a strong work ethic and collegial.
F. Oi, Ph.D.
A. G. Dale, Ph.D.
There is never a moment that Matt doesn’t use as a teaching opportunity, whether it’s the name of a plant or insect, or how you can grow and make your own tea. He often gives his free time to help others. I have never seen him more excited than when he is around a group of individuals at an outreach event explaining entomology and his research. Matt’s greatest weakness is his kindness.
R. L. Perry, M.S.

He has participated in an unusually diverse suite of activities, some paid but many as a volunteer, and all consistent with preparation for a successful career in plant pest management. His activities in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, and South Africa have collectively provided him with broad and relevant knowledge.
J. L. Capinera, Ph.D.
As Mr. Borden has an extensive background in horticultural sciences as well as entomology, he has served as a key leader for improvements related to DPMSO annual plant sales and served as a general horticulture resource for many of our students. Leaders are often best recognized by service, and the graduate career of Mr. Borden has clearly included a commitment to service and the Doctor of Plant Medicine profession.
A. C. Hodges, Ph.D

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